True Swiss quality - worldwide within reach.

Fast and secure online storage Online Storage MyDrive - Fast and free online storage with WebDAV support.
FTP - Very fast online storage for huge files.

From EUR 0.08 / USD 0.10
Virtual Server with domain registration Virtual Server 2.0 The next generation! Very fast and flexibly configurable.
Available with Linux and Windows.

From EUR 4.31 / USD 4.76
Dedicated Server with domain registration Dedicated Server A powerful server all for yourself.
Available with Linux and Windows.

From EUR 75.09 / USD 82.99
Synology NAS mit Domainregistrierung NAS-Cloud A NAS from Synology. Operated at our Datacenter in Switzerland.

From EUR 37.15 / USD 41.06
Webhosting mit Domainregistrierung Webhosting Be worldwide present! Here you can place your website easily and optimally.

From EUR 4.77 / USD 5.27
Cloud Services. Easy and efficient Cloud Services Your software as a service.