MyStorBox Client

Open files directly on your PC with the MyStorBox client. Upload or download entire folder structures in record time.


Installation under Windows

  1. Download MyStorBox Client for Windows via browser
  2. Install MyStorBox Client from Download folder
  3. If the following message appears: The computer has been protected by Windows
  • Click on More Information
  • Click the button: Run anyway

After that, the installation can be performed normally





Installation under Arch-Linux (AntergOS)


Follow the steps below to install the MyStorBox Client on Arch Linux (AntergOS).

  1. Install the package dpkg from the AUR sources of Arch-Linux.
  2. Download MyStorBox Client Linux x64 (DEB)
  3. Give the Debian package of the "MyStorBox-client" root privileges
  4. Start with dpkg -i paketnam.deb