Guest user



What is a MyStorBox Guest User


Allow selected people to access via login and define which folders they can access.

Each guest user has their own username and password, and can log in to MyStorBox with guestusername@mainusername.



Set up guest user


Open Settings in the sidebar on the left.
Click on Guest Users in the menu bar at the top.

Now click the Create new guest user.



Set guest user permissions


Each guest user has a default permission, which applies to all folders.


If necessary, this permission can be changed for any subfolder.
To do this, go to Home and click the icon on the far right in the List folder view and set the desired permissions for each guest user here.


You can choose between the following access levels:


Invisible: The folder and its contents cannot be seen or opened.
Read access: The folder and its contents can be displayed, downloaded and played.
Upload access: The folder has read access. Files can be uploaded and folders can be created.
Full access: The folder has read access and upload access. Its contents can be renamed, moved, overwritten and deleted.




The main folder has read-only access and cannot be modified. Therefore, create folders that you share with your guest users.


Please note the following:
•    If you change a folder's permission, all subfolders will also be set to this permission.
•    Newly created folders always get the permissions of the parent folder.
•    When you move a folder, it also gets the permissions of the parent folder.