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FAQ - Virtual Server

Which virtualization method are we using?

We use a true full virtualization for our Virtual Servers, which offers a very high performance and security. Read more

Can I operate multiple IP addresses on my Virtual-Server?

Yes, you'll get an independent virtual network interface for each IP address. Read more

Can I reboot my Virtual-Server at any time?

Yes, in our web interface you can reboot your v-server at any time. Read more

Can I run a VPN on my server?

Yes, a VPN can be set up and operated on a Linux as well as a Windows Virtual Server. Read more

Is the access to the network interface unrestricted?

Yes, you have unrestricted access to all network interfaces. Read more

Can I use a custom kernel?

Yes, you can use any kernel you want. Read more

Do I have access to iptables and other kernel modules on the Linux v-server?

Yes, our Linux Virtual Server contains all the usual kernel modules. Read more

What is the difference between a virtual server and dedicated server?

At this point, we would like to explain a few terms, just as these are used for our products. Read more

Can I reinstall my Virtual-Server?

Yes, our Linux virtual-server can be reinstalled using the web interface. Read more

What is the fullbackup?

Use the fullbackup to create a consistent copy of the entire file structure (an image) of your virtual server in its current state. Read more