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FAQ - Virtual Server

Which virtualization method are we using?

We use a true full virtualization for our Virtual Servers, which offers a very high performance and security. In contrast to other virtualization products, you'll get an independent server instance that completely isolates you from other customers.

Can I operate multiple IP addresses on my server?

Yes, you'll get an independent virtual network interface for each IP address.

Can I reboot my server at any time?

Yes, in our web interface you can reboot your server at any time, regardless of the state it is in.

Can I run a VPN on my server?

Yes, you can run a VPN on both Linux (e.g. using OpenVPN) and Windows (e.g. using the integrated VPN service).

Is the access to the network interface unrestricted?

Yes, you have unrestricted access to all network interfaces (including the local loopback interface) and can also use special tools such as tcpdump.

Can I use a custom kernel?

Yes, you can use any kernel you want.

Do I have access to iptables and other kernel modules?

Yes, our Linux Virtual Servers include all common kernel modules (iptables/netfilter, tun/tap etc.). You can also compile your own modules or use a self-compiled kernel.

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