Linux Dedicated Server Pro

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What is a Dedicated Server?

To run an own server brings a lot of costs and effort.
The easier way is to rent a server.

A Dedicated Server is your own server in one of our data centers in Switzerland.

Our Linux servers are running the latest Debian version or with the Linux distribution of your choice. Included is an Open Source License, an uninterruptible Power Supply and redundant internet connection direct at backbone.

Anything else is up to your choice.

That way you got all possibilities of an own server – and at the same time benefit from the high standards of our data center.

What can a Dedicated Server be used for?

On your Dedicated Server you can install every software and service you want.
You can use your Dedicated Server for many tasks:
  • Host many websites and email addresses
  • Operate big databases
  • VPN or a Proxy server
  • Backup and storage server
  • Powerful game or TeamSpeak server
  • etc..

How do I work with my Dedicated Server?

You log in with your username and password over a secure SSH connection and get full access on your Dedicated Server. You are working now like you were sitting in front of the server with monitor, mouse and keyboard.

If using two or more Dedicated Servers you can realize related database and application servers which are connected with up to 2Gbit/s.

For your daily backup you optionally get a private space on our separated backup servers.

What happens if I do not renew my subscription?

If you do not renew your subscription we give you enough time to save your data back from our data centers. None of your data will get lost.

Before your subscription ends we will inform you. If you want to renew it, just pay the outstanding fee with the payment method you have chosen.

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