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Choose Linux Webhosting. Linux is the worldwide standard.  More Info


  • MySQL Databases
  • Mail (POP3 / IMAP)
  • WebMail
  • Webstatistics
  • FTP-Access
  • Free Email Support
  • Ad-Free


  • Support for PHP 5, Perl and CGI
  • Spam and Virus protection
  • Daily Fullbackup

Up to 3 months for free!


USD 6.32

  • 3 GB webspace
  • 1 MySQL database
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USD 15.27

Bestseller TOP
  • 20 GB webspace
  • 1 MySQL database
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USD 114.73

  • 200 GB webspace
  • 10 MySQL databases
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Location of Server
Your server is guaranteed to be exclusively operated in safe and neutral Switzerland.  

Traffic per month
The traffic limit only serves to avoid possible abuse - according to a Fair Use principle.  

Linux Distribution
By default your server will be installed with the latest Debian release. Other distributions available at no extra charge.  

DNS Hosting
In our webinterface you can create and edit the DNS records of your domains.  

A restore is possible for up to 7 days down to the day, or up to 28 days down to the week.  

Install Software
You can install any software which runs on Linux. (Apache, MySQL, PHP etc.)  

Get information about your VPS and subscription, and shutdown, reboot or reinstall your server with a different linux distribution.  

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* Discounts apply to the first period of the selected duration