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Linux Webhosting Pro

Global reach, easy and fast !
Webspace, Web-Hosting, Linux
Here you can place your Website very easily.
Choose Linux Webhosting. Linux is the worldwide standard.

How do I access my Webhosting?

You can upload your files simply with FTP. (Of course we will provide you a tutorial if needed.)

How secure is my data?

Your files are protected by multiple firewalls, monitoring, a daily multiple backup and other safety measures.

How long does it take until my Webhosting is available?

As soon as the payment is on our account you will get access to your Webhosting within one working day.

What happens if I do not renew my subscription?

If you do not renew your subscription we give you enough time to save your data back from our data centers. None of your data will get lost.

Before your subscription ends we will inform you. If you want to renew it, just pay the outstanding fee with the payment method you have chosen.

Mail: info@softronics.ch Legal