What is FTP?

FTP provides fast data transfer without any rubbish. You can up- or download multiple files and folders at the same time. FTP is optimal to save data centrally. Thanks to our guest user... Read more

Why FTP storage?

Save data centrally and structured Up- and download of whole folder structures Backup important data Access your data everywhere Share data (guest users, warranties) Read more

How do I work with FTP? (Windows)

You can access your storage on every Windows PC to up- and download files without installing any additional software. The usage is familiar and easy, just as you work with folders on Windows. With free software... Read more

How do I work with FTP? (Mac, Linux)

FTP is independent of the operating system. For Mac and Linux you will find cost free software to access your storage and make use of special functions. Read more

How secure is my data?

Your files are protected by multiple firewalls, monitoring, multiple backups per day and other safety arrangements. Read more

How long does it take until my FTP storage is available?

As soon as the payment is on our account you will get access to your storage space within one working day. Read more

Can I move my files from MyDrive to my FTP storage?

Yes. If you have an existing MyDrive account, we will move all your data if you wish – for free. Read more

What happens if I do not renew my subscription?

If you do not renew your subscription, we give you enough time to save your data back from our data centers. None of your data will get lost.Before your subscription ends we will inform you.... Read more

FTP vs.FTPES / FTPS and SFTP – what is the difference?

The FTP service to up- and download files is well known. But what is the difference between the other types such as FTPS and SFTP? Which one is responsible for a secure transfer? To understand the difference,... Read more

Is my FTP also accessible with my domain?

Yes, with the FastFTP service you can access your storage space under your domain or subdomain.For example, the subdomain might look like this: We will send you the details for the DNS entry by e-mail. The... Read more

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