Are there any limits on the files I can upload?

No, you can upload all file types as long as you have enough free space in your account. When uploading with the browser upload there is a technical limit of 2 GB per file.When uploading...

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How does drag & drop work?

You can upload your files to MyStorBox directly and easily via drag & drop using your web browser. To do so, highlight the corresponding files in your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Now drag these files into the browser window where MyStorBox is open.

Can I download larger files with WebDAV under Windows?

The WebDAV protocol sets size restrictions for uploading and downloading individual files from Windows. While the limits for uploading are generously set at 2 GB per individual file, Windows limits the size of individual files...

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Can I share a file or folder?

Yes, if you have a paid version of MyStorBox, you can easily share files or folders with your friends without login. Right click on a folder or file and go to Share. A window with the...

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What does additional storage or guest user cost?

The prices differ depending on the quantity ordered. Hint: The more you order, the cheaper. After the free registration use the price calculator under "Upgrade your MyStorBox" to get the exact price.

How many files can be stored per folder?

Each folder may not contain more than 10'000 files or subfolders in total. With the paid MyStorBox version the limit per folder is 20'000 for files or subfolders. You can store more files by splitting them into several folders.

Is there an App for mobile devices?

No, at the moment we do not offer an own App. But you can access your MyStorBox with any WebDAV client.

Can I download multiple files or folders (ZIP-Download)

Yes, you can download multiple files / folders at the same time. Please note thatif you have selected many files / folders in your web browser it may take a while until the ZIP file...

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Can I recover files that I have deleted?

Yes, we keep backups of deleted files for 28 days. Please contact us if you want to restore your data.

Can I access MyStorBox with FTP?

No, the FTP protocol is not supported. However, you can use WebDAV, which offers pretty much the same functionality. If you are interested in normal FTP storage, take a look at our FastFTP offers.

Can I use the same account from multiple locations simultaneously?

Yes, there are no login restrictions for the website and WebDAV. Multiple and simultaneous logins are possible. The same applies to guest user logins.

Can I use multiple accounts from the same location simultaneously?

On the website this is only possible if you're using a different browser for each account. When using WebDAV, it's usually possible to set up multiple connection profiles in your client that can be used...

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Is it possible to link my files from other websites?

No, you can only access your data via MyStorBox. With the paid version you can share a file or folder. You can put this link on the website. Please note that the maximum number of downloads...

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You have a different inquiry?

Please contact our support team directly or use the contact form. One of our competent employees will be at your side for any questions or problems.

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