Which virtualization method are we using?

We use a real full-virtualization, also known as bare-metal virtualization, for our virtual servers, which offers very high performance and security. In contrast to other virtualization products, you have an independent server instance, which completely...

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Can I operate multiple IP addresses on my Virtual-Server?

Yes, you'll get an independent virtual network interface for each IP address. Opposite to other providers we provide you as many IP addresses as you want. We even give you the possibility to use IP...

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Can I reboot my Virtual-Server at any time?

Yes, in our web interface you can reboot your server at any time, regardless of the state it is in. You can log in into the web interface under The following options are...

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Can I run a VPN on my server?

Yes, a VPN can be set up and operated on a Linux as well as a Windows Virtual Server. For the Windows Virtual Server, the use of PPTP is the easiest method to build...

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Can I use a custom kernel?

Yes, you can use any kernel you want. We offer you a large selection of Linux distributions or different versions of Windows. If the operating system you are looking for is not listed, please let...

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Do I have access to iptables and other kernel modules on the Linux v-server?

Yes, our Linux Virtual Server contains all the usual kernel modules. Since iptables are run as root, you need to have appropriate administration rights for the server and can edit the appropriate modules (iptables /...

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What is the difference between a virtual server and dedicated server?

At this point, we would like to explain a few terms, just as these are used for our products.A virtual server is often referred to as VPS (virtual private server), VM (virtual machine), v server,...

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Can I reinstall my Virtual-Server at any time?

Yes, our Linux premium server can be reinstalled using the web interface. Please contact us if you have a Windows server.How do I reinstall my server? Follow the instructions below:Sign into the web interface at...

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What is the fullbackup?

Use the fullbackup to create a consistent copy of the entire file structure (an image) of your virtual server in its current state. When restoring the virtual server, the image and data of the selected...

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What to do if I notice higher resource usage on my Virtual Server?

Just like any other server, a Virtual server can have limited recourses like RAM, CPU or Disk capacity. Here we teach you how you figure out what’s wrong and how you can do something about...

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Can I protect my VM against DDoS?

DDoS-attacks (Distributed-Denial-of Service) are an unfortunate part of today’s everyday life. These attacks attempt to overload the bandwidth of the internet connection or server recourses. These attacks are often supported by a botnet (a network of malware-infected computers). These...

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Do I have a CLI console in the web interface?

Yes, for the latest Virtual Server products we offer a CLI console on the web interface at So you have access to your Virtual Server in case of emergency or for maintenance work.      

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How can I extend my virtual server?

To customize your server, log in to the web interface. Then select "Change subscription" for the desired server.

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