Can I operate multiple IP addresses on my Virtual-Server?

Yes, you'll get an independent virtual network interface for each IP address. Opposite to other providers we provide you as many IP addresses as you want. We even give you the possibility to use IP addresses out of a second network.

How can I get more IP addresses?

At the initial order, you can specify the number of desired IP addresses. If the v-server is already running, you can send us a request to Online Support. We will then provide you with an appropriate offer. Would you like IP from different subnets? We will offer you them as far as possible. The prices for additional IP addresses can be found on the pages of Softronics.

Unfortunately we cannot offer IPv6 addresses at the moment.

You have a different inquiry?

Please contact our support team directly or use the contact form. One of our competent employees will be at your side for any questions or problems.

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