What to do if I notice higher resource usage on my Virtual Server?

Just like any other server, a Virtual server can have limited recourses like RAM, CPU or Disk capacity. Here we teach you how you figure out what’s wrong and how you can do something about it.

How do I realize that my Virtual Server doesn’t have enough recourses?

  • Processes will be closed/ won’t start or data won’t be written if the recourse limit is reached.
  • This can cause seemingly random error images to appear.
  • When using Linux you can check your recourse values with the command top
  • When using windows you can use the recourse monitor resmon to check your recourse values.

What do about higher resource usage?

  • Check if there are any processes running that aren’t really needed.(e.g PostgreSQL on a system that uses MySQL or SpamAssassin on a system that doesn’t receive e-mails.
  • At high CPU usage, check the auto start. Are there any processes that are redundant to you? Remove them from auto start.
  • If the server performance suddenly changes, can it be that the amount of users has risen? Is a third party abusing your server?
  • Can individual server services be adjusted so that they don’t need as much recourses? If these steps don’t give you your desired result you can always upgrade your Virtual server. You can find more information about that on the page upgrade Virtual server.

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