Can I protect my VM against DDoS?

DDoS-attacks (Distributed-Denial-of Service) are an unfortunate part of today’s everyday life. These attacks attempt to overload the bandwidth of the internet connection or server recourses. These attacks are often supported by a botnet (a network of malware-infected computers). These botnets can create massive data traffic which leads to long loading times on your website and can even lead to the system crashing. Softronics provides a DDoS-Protection service to protect your Web-Applications, Websites, servers and IT-Infrastructure against these threats for the Virtual Server 2.0.

Our Safety solution for DDoS-Attacks

The data stream is constantly being monitored and immediately interferes with anomalies. If an attack is detected, the dataflow gets redirected through the Threat-Management-System (TMS). The TMS are in the so-called «scrubbing centers» inside the global network. Inside of these «scrubbing centers» the dataflow of the attack gets separated from the traffic. After the separation the desired dataflow gets passed on. That way we can protect the bandwidth and the server infrastructure very well.


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