What is a Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is a server, which is only operated for you in our data centers in Switzerland. This server is available with all the power and without virtualization, only for you. You do not share the server with other customers. Our Ded servers are delivered with the latest OS versions or with a version according to your choice.

In comparison, a root server is a computer that is installed in a virtualization environment and as a single virtual server on the corresponding host. You do not share your Dedicated Root Server with other customer.

It is a flat priced offer including the whole Data Center environment located in Switzerland.

  • Two/three totally separated pipes for electricity and data.
  • Fail-safe internet connection. Redundancy of each network component.
  • Multiply redundant servers for data and computing power.
  • Redundant, uninterrupted power supply unit (UPS).
  • Power supply by Swiss industry standard. Highest quality class worldwide.
  • Automatic climate control. Constant temperature.
  • Fully automated activity check.
  • Up-to-date data backup: fourfold saved, separated in different fire protection zones.
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