How do you access the control panel?

Accessing the Webhosting Control PanelTogether with your activation mail you have received your personal username and password. You need to be careful and keep this access data secret. Besides that, you have received the server... Read more

How secure is my data?

Your files are protected by multiple firewalls, monitoring, multiple backups daily and other safety measures. Read more

How long does it take until my Webhosting is available?

Once we receive the payment you will get access to your Webhosting within one work day. Read more

What happens if I do not renew my subscription?

If you do not renew your subscription we give you enough time to save your data back from our data centers. None of your data will get lost. Before your subscription ends we will inform... Read more

How do I access my data?

You will have to establish a connection with a FTP account to upload and download data to and from your Webhosting (If you don’t have a FTP account yet see create “FTP account”).We advise you... Read more

How do I create a FTP account?

If you wish to upload your data to your webhosting you will need FTP access. You can easily create one in the control panel. After successfully logging in you will be taken to the general... Read more

How do I create / edit an email address?

After logging into the control panel click on customers and go to “switch” at the domain that you want. In the next menu choose “Mail” In the Mail overview you can see all created email... Read more

What is a SSL certificate?

A SSL certificate secures the Data that you enter on your website. A Lock icon appears on the visitor’s browser so that he can see that your website is encrypted. Softronics Communication offers the free... Read more

I have no more diskspace available. What can I do?

If these errors occur when creating a new domain, you have used up your entire disk space / databases. There are multiple ways to solve this problem. We have listed a few possible... Read more

How can I access my emails?

Accessing by WebmailThe Webhosting 2.0 offers a productive webmail for accessing your emails. You can access your mails from every computer or mobile device. Webmail: e.g. firstName.secondName@mydomain.chPassword: MyPassword      Email settings for custom email software Before you set... Read more

Outlook set up IMAP?

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to set a Outlook e-mail account on your computer.                           The selected settings are checked in this step.If errors occur here, please follow your e-mail program instructions.         Read more

How do you set up your IMAP Mail account in Windows 10?

Follow the following step-by-step manual to set up a Windows email account. If you haven't used the mail programm click on "request" on step one.           Read more

Install WordPress

Step 1: Order WebhoOrdering Webhosting & Domainsting & DomainStep 2: Set up domain on webhostingStep 3: Set up FTP accessStep 4: Create databaseStep 5: Download WordPressStep 6: Upload WordPress to the web serverStep 7: Install... Read more

What PHP versions are available?

Currently the following PHP versions are available on our webhosting. The individual versions can be activated at least until the date of official support by the PHP Group.   PHP version  Officially supported until  Available at... Read more

Change PHP version

To change the PHP version, first log on to the Control Panel with your login data. When you are logged in, click on "Customers" in the menu bar.Then go to "Switch" for the desired domain. In the... Read more

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