How do I access my data?

You will have to establish a connection with a FTP account to upload and download data to and from your Webhosting (If you don’t have a FTP account yet see create “FTP account”).


We advise you to use a FTP client like e.g. FileZilla to access your Account.


Access with Web-Client
Sing in to the control panel and switch to the domain that you want to use.


In the menu, click “FTP” and afterwards “FileManager”.

Enter your username and password.


Please note that the web client is only able to upload 2GBs of data.



Access with FileZilla
For access with the FileZilla client, enter the connection information in the header area of FileZilla and click “Connect”.


  • Server
    A configured domain on your webhosting e.g.
  • Username
    The username of the configured FTP user e.g.
  • Password
    The user's corresponding password.
  • Port
    The port will be automatically selected by FileZilla. The default port is 21.
  • Connect
    Click “Connect” to start the connection with the FTP account.

Save Server connections in FileZilla

 You can save the connection for the next session using the “Site manager”

  • Go to “file” in the top left corner and select “Copy current connection to Site Manager”
  • Choose a name for the connection. For example, “mydomain”
  • Confirm the input and click “OK”. The connection will be saved and the window will close.
    At the next FTP-connection you can click “Site Manager…” in the “File” menu. Select the desired FTP connection in the new window, e.g. “mydomain” and click “Connect”.

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