How do I create / edit an email address?

Log on to the Control Panel. Then switch to "Customers" in the main menu. Then select "Change" for the desired domain. In the new menu you now select "Mail". 

In the following overview, all e-mail addresses already created are listed.






To create a new e-mail address or change an existing one, select "Create new e-mail account" from the Links help menu, and you will see the following view.





Mail account type:

  • Normal: A POP3 / IMAP mailbox will be created. Mails will be saved on the mail server.
  • Forward: A redirect to a preexisting mail will be created. Emails will not be saved on the mail server. You can enter multiple mail addresses in the input box “Forward to” by inserting a comma, line-break or space between the different addresses.
  • Normal + Forward: A POP3 / IMAP mailbox will be created as well as a redirect to a preexisting mail. Mails will be saved on the mail server and be forwarded to the defined email addresses.

Username: Choose and enter your username / email address. For example: firstname.lastname

Domain: if you have set up several domains, select the desired domain here. For example:
The email address would then be

Password: Enter a secure password or generate a new one.

Password confirmation: Enter the password again.

Quota in MiB: Enter adjust the size of the memory space. The quota cannot be greater than the maximum available amount. (1000MiB=1GiB)

To edit a preexisting email address, go to “Edit” at the mail address that you wish to alter. You can adjust the following information:

  • Email account type
  • Password
  • The quota in MiB

Save the changes by clicking on “Update”

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