What is a SSL certificate?

A SSL certificate secures the Data that you enter on your website. A Lock icon appears on the visitor’s browser so that he can see that your website is encrypted. Softronics Communication offers the free SSL-Certificates of Let's Encrypt to prevent sensitive data from being intercepted and to make the internet safer.


Is it important to encrypt the data traffic of a website?
Yes, a validated SSL-certificate lets your visitors know that a multi-level verification process has been performed and that the website is trustworthy. This means that the visitor of this website can be sure that the site’s owner really is the person he claims to be.


When the website’s visitor enters sensitive data like usernames, passwords and credit card numbers, the data gets encrypted and gets way more difficult to read.
The web address (URL) of a SSL encrypted website doesn’t begin with “http”, but with “https”. The “s” stands for secure and clearly shows the visitor that the connection is secure and encrypted.


HTTPS improves the ranking of a website
Search engines reward the efforts to make websites secure and rate websites with https higher than those with only http.



Easy set up and automatic renewal
Softronics Communication offers the easy and complete integration of the free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt for the Webhosting 2.0. The installation is done with just a few clicks and the SSL certificate is available for your website. The certificate needs to be renewed at least every 90 days. There is no need to worry because if you are our customer we will take care of that for you and renew the certificate every 60 days.
You do not have to worry about the HTTPS encryption of your website because we are taking care of it.


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