Install WordPress

Step 1: Ordering Webhosting & Domain

Step 2: Set up domain on webhosting

Step 3: Set up FTP access

Step 4: Create database

Step 5: Download WordPress

Step 6: Upload WordPress to the web server

Step 7: Install WordPress


1. Ordering Webhosting & Domain
The required webhosting and the desired domain can be ordered here. For a standard website the starter product is sufficient. If you should need more storage space at a later time or you would like to install another database, you can simply extend the webhosting at any time.



2. Set up domain on webhosting
In order for the website to be set up for webhosting, the associated domain must be set up. Call the Webhosting Control Panel.



In the main menu at the top right, select "Customers".












With "Add customer" you create the webhosting for the selected domain on the webserver.



3. Set up FTP access
To upload WordPress to your webhosting, we recommend creating an FTP access and installing the FTP client FileZilla on your local device. This way you can easily access the storage space on the web server and copy all desired data to the web server.
Click here to find out how to set up FTP access.

4. Add database


To create a database, click on "Databases" in the same menu. Then you have to select "Add SQL database" on the left side. There you have to enter your desired database name and click on "Add".











5. Download WordPress
Download the desired WordPress version to your PC. WordPress is available in different languages.
Click here for the WordPress Download in German
Click here for the WordPress Download in English

After the download the file must be unpacked. Usually a double click on the file is enough to unpack it.

6. Upload WordPress to the web server
For the upload, connect to the created FTP on the web server. After that the directories of the PC should be displayed on the left side and on the right side the structure of the webserver, similar to the picture below.












Select the "htdocs" folder by double-clicking it. You can delete the subfolders and data.
Now we can start uploading WordPress to the web server. You should already have unpacked the folder after the WordPress download. The unzipped folder is usually labeled with the version number and the language. This folder contains a folder called "wordpress" and other data. This data must now be uploaded to your webserver. Mark all data in the folder "wordpress" on the left side and drag it to the right with the mouse into the folder "htdocs" (see picture below). Uploading the data can take some time, depending on your internet connection.



7. Install WordPress
Once the data has been successfully uploaded, the actual installation of WordPress can begin. To do this, open your domain in a browser. An info window in which all data is displayed.













Click on "Let's go!" there.


The following window appears.












If necessary, select the desired language and then "Next". In the next step you will need the access data for the database. Enter the access data and press "Submit". (ATTENTION: The password is not automatically hidden)

























When you are ready, click «Run the installation».



In the following window the information about the website is requested. Enter the information and click "Install WordPress".













Congratulations! The installation of WordPress has now been successfully completed and you can start designing your website.












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