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Cloud solutions
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Investments in IT, for example for new servers or additional devices, put a heavy strain on the budget. Unexpected defects and the associated production downtime often add to the costs. The nervous strain on everyone involved is great.

So why procure, install, operate and maintain IT yourself?

With our cloud services, you give your IT a new home. You benefit from our know-how, flexibility and computing power. In our professional data centers, we offer you computing power according to your wishes.



Online Storage

The fast cloud storage for your daily work. Access from any device with ease of use. Supports connection with WebDAV.

Choose from multiple locations.

To Online Storage ..


Server located in Switzerland.


Price advantage location Europe.
Up to 3 months for free!
FTP Speicher

FTP Storage

FTP Storage is ideal for data exchange and your daily backup. Speed up to 500 Mbit/s possible. Accessible under your own domain.

Choose from multiple locations.

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Swiss Premium FTP

Server located in Switzerland.

Premium FTP

Price advantage location Europe.
Up to 3 months for free!
Virtual Server

Virtual Server

Virtual Server of the latest virtualization generation with highest performance, SSD storage, security and flexibility.

Choose from multiple locations.

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Swiss Premium Server

Server located in Switzerland.

Premium Server

Price advantage location Europe.
Up to 3 months for free!


Domains – Order your desired domain easily and quickly. Over 700 domain extensions at attractive prices. To Domains ..


New login for FTP customers - faster upload


The login for our FTP customers has been redesigned. For all customers whose server is located in the EU, access is now via


Customers with...

New data protection law


On 01.09.2023, the totally revised Data Protection Act, the new Data Protection Ordinances and the new Ordinance on Data Protection Certification will come into force.


We have therefore adapted...

New products - websites


We have redesigned the web presences of our various products. The identical products with different locations have been combined into one website.


You will now find MyDrive and MyStorBox...

Choice of location Switzerland or EU


Now you can simply choose where your data is stored when you place your order. Location selection Switzerland guarantees that your data will be stored exclusively in Switzerland. With the...

New features in the MyDrive and MyStorBox app


The app version 10 is now available for download for all MyDrive and MyStorBox users.  

With this version, the notification function is now also available on mobile devices. You can now...