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by Softronics

About us

Softronics building

Softronics Communication AG
St. Dionysstrasse 31
CH-8645 Rapperswil-Jona

Softronics believes in a business world where people are successful because complex technologies are made easy. With flexible support and close IT solutions, companies concentrate on their key skills that constantly increase their success.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 07:30 - 12:00
13:15 - 17:30

Since 1992 Softronics supports companies and private customers with simple and functional IT solutions.

The core business of Softronics are Terminal Server solutions (also called "ASP"). Our solutions make it possible for our customers to work with their data and software at every place on the word. They do not have to care about the technology.

Softronics has advanced together with the IT. The World Wide Web provides more and more new possibilities and new ways to work intelligent and with fun. This also brings more complexity and new challenges. Softronics takes care of this complexity and supplies only the best out of it, functional and easy to use.

As a modern data center which stands for quality and security, Softronics gets more and more demand abroad.

A lot of interesting projects are still waiting for us.