State-of-the-art Cloud solutions
by Softronics


The quality of a data center depends on its security. Softronics fulfills the highest requirements with data maintenace Technologies and qualified professionals.

Your data is safe with us

Safe against threats throughout the web.

Safe against physical threats.

Fail-safe through monitoring and maintenance support.

On the spot

We have our data centers in-house. We react immediately to possible disruptions - an advantage over other providers.

Secure on the web

  • Three security zones.
  • Multiple redundant firewalls on high performance servers avoid unauthorized access.
  • Encrypted connection. VPN.
  • Efficient protection against viruses, worms, spyware. Constant scanning.

Safe against break-in

  • Video monitoring and multi-level entrance procedure guarantees physical security.

Secure against fire

  • Fire detectors. Fire-extinguishing system.
  • Automatic fire alarm. Firefighters on site in 7 minutes.

Fail-safe, thanks to intelligent technology

  • Two/three totally separated cables for electricity and data.
  • Fail-safe internet connection. Redundancy of each network component.
  • Multiple redundant servers for data and computing power.
  • Redundant, uninterrupted power supply unit (UPS).
  • Premium supply by Swiss industry standard. Highest quality class worldwide.
  • Automatic climate regulation. Constant temperature.
  • Fully automated activity check.
  • State of the art data backup: fourfold saved, separated in different fire protection zones.

Fail-safe, thanks to manpower

  • Real-time monitoring. We immediately react to malfunctions.
  • Monitoring, day and night and during the weekend.