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by Softronics


Share and upload via MyDrive app


You can now upload from a mobile device directly to MyDrive using the share function - easy and quickly! (Version 11.0)

Sorting functions individually selectable


We have expanded the sorting function in MyDrive.

You can now sort by name, size, taken date, modification date or upload date in ascending or descending order in all views


MyStorBox is now MyDrive


The new address is

You can continue logging in using your existing account and access your data as before.


Users with server location Switzerland...

Extended rights for guest users of the MyDrive and MyStorBox


Guest users of MyDrive and MyStorBox are now called users


User rights and access rights can now be defined. With the user rights you define and allow the operation...

New login for FTP customers - faster upload


The login for our FTP customers has been redesigned. For all customers whose server is located in the EU, access is now via


Customers with...

New data protection law


On 01.09.2023, the totally revised Data Protection Act, the new Data Protection Ordinances and the new Ordinance on Data Protection Certification will come into force.


We have therefore adapted...

New products - websites


We have redesigned the web presences of our various products. The identical products with different locations have been combined into one website.


You will now find MyDrive and MyStorBox...

Choice of location Switzerland or EU


Now you can simply choose where your data is stored when you place your order. Location selection Switzerland guarantees that your data will be stored exclusively in Switzerland. With the...

New features in the MyDrive and MyStorBox app


The app version 10 is now available for download for all MyDrive and MyStorBox users.  

With this version, the notification function is now also available on mobile devices. You can now...

Users at MyDrive and MyStorBox


Setting up and managing users has been simplified and made more transparent. With a click on Details, a list with the access rights of a user...

Notification function for online storage


In response to many customer requests, we have added by MyDrive and MyStorbox a notification function . The main user receives a message about activities of...

Price adjustments


Due to the sharp rise in electricity prices and the increased grid costs, we unfortunately had to adjust the prices for our products.

Install now - new MyDrive Client or MyStorBox Client


We have improved the operation of the clients and fixed bugs. In addition, the client is now available bilingually in English and German. The installation of the new version is...

Cloud storage MyDrive and MyStorBox with “Friends Bonus”


Recommend our cloud storage to a friend and both benefit from a bonus!


Extend the life of your cloud storage by recommending it to friends. Send the created code to your...

Premium FTP is now also available with your own Domain


Now you can also access your Premium FTP with your own domain or subdomain. For example, the subdomain may look like this: We will set up everything for you,...

New: easy shopping with Mastercard and Visa debit cards


Mastercard Europe and Visa Inc. launched a new generation of payment methods with their debit cards. The new debit cards are easily accessible and now offer customers without a credit...

Mobile payment options


You can now also pay easily and securely with Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Online storage now has a recycle bin


Softronics online storage, MyDrive and MyStorBox, now have a recycle bin. All deleted data will be available in the Recycle Bin for 30 days afterwards. Regardless of who...

MyStorBox Sync Version 2.1


With the new version of MyStorBox, some improvements have been implemented. Now you can also select the sync direction for each folder.

MyDrive Sync Version 2.1


With the new version of MyDrive Sync, some improvements have been implemented. Now you can also select the sync direction for each folder.

New attractive prices


The prices for MyStorBox have been massively reduced. In this way, we pass on the price advantages from the EU location to our customers.

New "Share without login" also with the MyDrive App


The Share without Login feature is now available on mobile devices with the new MyDrive app version 7.5.

Now available, the MyStorBox App


With the MyStorBox App for iOS and Android, you can use MyStorBox on the go. Data management is easy with the new App. We also offer the Share without Login...

New: MyStorBox Sync


With “MyStorBox Sync” you synchronize everything you want to your computer. Fully automatic and fast. Data backup - it couldn't be easier.

MyDrive Sync for MAC and Linux


MyDrive Sync is now also available for MAC OS and Linux. Synchronize everything you want to your computer. Fully automatic and fast.

Desktop Client for MyStorBox Version 1.4


Now we also have a client for MyStorBox for easy data transfer. The MyStorBox Client makes it possible to transfer yourdata even faster and easier and also offers youa lot...

New MyDrive App for iOS and Android


Save your data from your smartphone securely on MyDrive. With the MyDrive App, you can access your data on MyDrive at any time or back up your pictures...

New version of the MyDrive Client available


With the new version 1.4 the error "Network Error" was fixed.

New: Sync client for MyDrive


With MyDrive Sync you synchronize everything you want to your computer. Fully automatic and fast. Data backup - it couldn't be simpler.

Recently saved or updated files are automatically...

New: Upload large files up to 10 GB to MyStorBox?


Now you can upload large files up to 10 GB directly to MyStorBox using the web browser and the MyStorBox App. You want to upload files larger than...

New: Upload large files up to 10 GB to MyDrive?


Now you can upload large files up to 10 GB directly to MyDrive using the web browser and the MyDrive App. You want to upload files larger than...

MyDrive: New function of the media player on the smartphone


A swipe to the left, a swipe to the right - the MyDrive media player for smartphones now also has these gestures. This has made the MyDrive media player even...

MyDrive folder with individual colors


Make the folder overview easier. You can now assign an individual color to each folder on MyDrive. This makes the folder overview very personal and clear.

New file limits


The file limit per folder has been massively increased. Now you can create up to 20'000 files or subfolders in a single folder. The free account has a limit of...

MyDrive even more personal


Personalize your MyDrive even more with your logo or a photo across the entire width of the screen in the header. Together with the individual color design, you can create...

Full-width logo


Make MyDrive even more personal with your logo or a photo across the full width of the screen in the header. Together with the individual color design, you can create...

New web interface for FTP Pro


The web interface for the cloud storage FTP Pro has been completely renewed. The new web interface is much clearer and the operation has been greatly simplified. We also offer...

Custom colors


Now you can freely design the colors of MyDrive according to your wishes or select a design template.

You can customize the color theme by clicking Settings and navigating to the...

New: "Share" function for all


From now on, the Share feature is available on all MyDrive and MyStorbox accounts. Easily share files or entire folders with your friends without them having...

Set time zone for FastFTP


Now you can set the time zone in FastFTP web interface. This will display the same modification times in the web interface as with the FTP client. To do this, log...

Advanced functions for sharing


Advanced features for sharing content without logging into MyDrive. You can now adjust the permissions on the shared folder. The following three options are available to you:

  • Download  The...

FastFTP Shortcuts


We have further simplified the FastFTP web interface. You can now work quickly and easily with the keyboard shortcuts. On the web interface, you can press ? to get an...

CLI console for the Virtual Servers


Via the web interface at we offer a web-based CLI console for the latest Virtual Server products. This allows you to access your Virtual Server even in...

New features for sharing


The sharing of content without login to MyStorBox has been extended. Now you can adjust the permissions on the shared folder. The following three options are available:

  • Download The contents...

We live innovation


Security is a high priority for us. Since the foundation of Softronics Communication AG, we have been constantly improving in all areas. In the future, we will focus even more...

FastFTP: manage favorites easily


With FastFTP, each user can create their own favorites. The online file manager allows you to create favorites for each user. With a click on the "Favorite" icon you can...

Brand your FastFTP account


The cloud FastFTP can now also be provided with its own logo. The primary colours can also be adapted to your corporate design. Together with the accessibility under your own...

Windows Server 2008; EOL as of 14.01.2020


Support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will be discontinued on January 14, 2020. This means that security updates will no longer be deployed. Keep your server and applications...

Copy Files & Folders


For MyDrive and MyStorBox we have extended the functions. Now you can simply copy files and folders within MyDrive or MyStorBox using the web browser. Select the files or folders you...

Domain simple & inexpensive


You can now order your desired domain easily and inexpensively from Softronics. With over 700 domain extensions, you are sure to find the domain you are looking for. Find out more...

Debian 10 "Buster" is available


From now on we support the new version Debian 10 "Buster" for our Virtual Server and Dedicated Server.

With Debian 10 there are some software updates like the Linux Kernel...

Advanced Web Browser Upload Functions


Multiple files, folders or entire folder structures can now be uploaded to MyDrive. You can now do this simply with the new drag & drop function. MyDrive automatically creates the...

Drag & Drop Upload


Multiple files, folders or entire folder structures can now be uploaded to MyStorBox. You can now do this simply with the new drag & drop function. MyStorBox automatically creates the...

MyDrive: New concise folder view


The layout of the documents has been revised in MyDrive and is now clearer and simpler. The view can also be used to create and display video thumbnails....

Video thumbnails


Videos are now also displayed with a thumbnail. The design has been updated and is now better on your smartphone than ever before.

Easier operation


The presentation of the data in the web browser has been simplified and provided with new icons.

FastFTP is online


The new cloud storage FastFTP is live and is now available and ready for our customers. With FastFTP you can upload your data quickly and easily at up to 500...

FastFTP will be launched soon


Announcement: FastFTP will be launched soon. The extremely popular FTP protocol for reliable and fast data transfer will soon be available with the new FastFTP cloud storage.

A few highlights

  • New and...

MyDrive as a drive with new WebDAV functions


MyDrive supports computer connection since the very beginning with the network protocol WebDAV. The WebDAV application of MyDrive was revised and adjusted to the latest security standards. With the new...

WebDAV Integration


MyStorBox supports computer connection since the very beginning with the network protocol WebDAV. The WebDAV application of MyStorBox was revised and adjusted to the latest security standards. With the new...

Browse shared content


Sharing content without a login has become even easier and clearer. Shared data can now be viewed and downloaded.

Content sharing even easier


Sharing content without a login has now become even easier and quicker. The shared content is now displayed on a web page. You can find more information here.  Many file formats...

Network expansion


Security is important to us. Therefore we have completely renovated the entire internal network of MyDrive for your security and greater speed.

With this expansion, we remain true to our principle;...

Share contents


MyStorBox customers can easily share files or folders with a download link. The link allows you to download the files or folders without logging in.

Share MyDrive content


MyDrive customers have a new Share function at their disposal. With this function, files or folders can simply be provided with a download link. Friends can download the corresponding content...

New file preview for


The file preview has been completely revised. Music, video, image, text and PDF files can now be viewed directly in the Online Viewer.

You can simply jump to the next file...

New: Ready configured virtual servers


We now offer a variety of configured preconfigured virtual servers, so you can set up your own cloud storage based on Nextcloud or a Wiki server with just a few...

Standard-Upload upgraded


Our Standard Upload on the web interface has been upgraded and allows you to Upload multiple files at once. When uploading existing files you can decide if they should be...

Standard upload now without flash upload


Our Standard-Upload now supports multiple file uploads at the same time and replaces the Flash-Upload.

Secure payment – certified webshop


Leading card organizations, including Visa and MasterCard, have initiated PCI DSS (PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to enhance security of card payments and protect merchants...

Now our shop is also suited for smart phone


At the beginning of March we have presented our web page in the new dress. Now the whole order process was also adapted and optimised for mobile devices. Rummage is...

Make payments easily with TWINT


From now on orders can be paid in Swiss franc also with TWINT. With TWINT, there is no need to enter a complicated card number. You can make payments easily in...

Our new appearance


After a long period of time we have modernized our website. This website is now supported on both smartphone and tablet. We are sure that you will enjoy this new...

Server auction


Profit of spectacular prices for a dedicated server. Get yourself a server now before someone else gets the bargain.

Performance Comparison


We have compared the speed of our hard disk in our Virtual Server 2.0 with a renowned competitor. The result is displayed in the two charts below and speaks for...

Information about the vulnerabilities Meltdown and Spectre


Version 2.8, 14.06.2018


The security gaps Meltdown (CVE-2017-5754) and Spectre (CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5715) have been publicly announced on the 3. January 2018. According to reports, the concerned processors of Intel, AMD and...

FTP – The classic of data transfer: Now with DDoS-Protection


FTP is a fast file-protocol and is best suited for large data. FTP is often used for backups or for the transfer of Printing-data. Most of the time It’s more...

New Control Panel, i-MSCP 1.5


On the 5th of September became to the new release 1.5 of i-MSCP, Open-Source multinational Server Control Panel, publishes. We have carried out the first installations and recommend the Upgrade on...

MyDrive is now ecofriendly!


Our environment is important to us. We have made the infrastructure even more efficient and increased the power of MyDrive with renewable sources. Our green electricity is made up of...

Debian 9 "Stretch" now available!


Our Dedicated and Virtual Servers can now be ordered with the new version Debian 9 "Stretch". The Debian security team and the Debian long-term support team want to provide the...

New feature for Virtual Server with Linux


The Virtual Server 2.0 Linux can now be easily installed via browser. In the Webinterface, the "Reinstall server" button is offered. Select the desired Linux operating system and the Virtual...

Host-based server of the 2nd generation!


With our new virtualization environment we can offer you highest performance, security and flexibility. Professional features such as hoosing any Operating System, multiple IP addresses, full access to server and...

The MyDrive Client for an easy data transfer


We have developed a new client for MyDrive, to enable our customers a faster data transfer and to enable much more comfort.  Highlights of the client:

  • Open, edit and save your data...

Much more flexible to order our products


All our products can be ordered more flexible than ever. For our customers we changed the selection of the components more freely and our offers are extended. Look and...

New product NAS-Cloud


Since February 2015 we offer a cloud for on the move. With the NAS-Cloud you have access to your data everytime and everywhere. It provides a lot of possibilities and...

New payment methods


We have added new payment methods. Now, we are accepting:

  • Bank transfer
  • PostFinance
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

We have greatly reduced our prices !


New prices for online storage MyDrive and FTP, double power for the virtual servers and new hardware for dedicated server.  We offer more power for less money.

Softronics at the Winfeger conference


Mr. Emil Diethelm gave a presentation about private and secure cloud solutions on the 7th of march at the Winfeger conference. Winfeger conference  We offer secure cloud solutions.

The MyDrive app is here


Here our free Android und iOS app !  Manage your photos, videos and documents more directly from your smartphone or tablet.

We support the German "Sicher-Stark-Initiative"


This organization is campaigning against child abuse and violence. Over 300 000 children and parents have participated in their courses.  We assist them in managing and hosting the new video.

We're collecting for the tsunami victims of Japan


The extend of the devastation in Japan after the horrible earthquakes, the tsunami and the nuclear disaster shocked the population of Switzerland.  10% of all earnings in April.

We are one of the top 200 Swiss websites


The Swiss magazine Anthrazit is nominating the 200 best Internet presences of Switzerland each year. In 2010, the Anthrazit jury and readers have chosen as one of the best 200...