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Set up WebDAV for Windows

Connect MyDrive directly to your computer.



Windows Explorer

  1. Open your Windows Explorer and click on This PC on the left.
  2. Go to Map network drive in the top menu bar.
  3. Choose the drive letter you want to use.
  4. Enter the following as the folder path
    Server location Switzerland:
    Server location EU:
  5. Enter your MyDrive Access data in the login window (may appear several times)


  • WebDAV allows only one connection per computer.
  • Windows only allows a maximum path length of 256 characters e.g. C:/Folder1/.../Folder12/filename.txt
  • Users need full access to folders to upload files.



Note: You can also use the following commands to set up WebDAV.


Windows procedure
Open start menu > enter cmd > press ENTER key (black window opens)


Command to connect MyDrive permament

Server location Switzerland: net use Z: /user:USERNAME PASSWORD /persistent:yes

Server location EU: net use Z: /user:USERNAME PASSWORD /persistent:yes


Command to delete the MyDrive drive again

net use Z: /delete


Command to display all drives

net use





Fix WebDAV Windows problems


- Office message on WebDAV access
- Office error due to denied access
- Increase Windows 50MB file limit


Click on this link below:


Fix WebDAV Windows problems


Confirm all messages.

Restart your computer.