Preconfigured Server

Made just for you !

With our preconfigured servers you are with just a few clicks away from your goal. No matter if it's your own wiki, Nextcloud or a very crafty one's own git server. Long configuring in the shell console is no longer necessary, our saying here: Order and use!

  • Features
  • 100% self-administrable
  • Own Webinterface
  • Full SSH access
  • Easy configuration
  • Tech
  • Fast HDD and newest storage media
  • Newest and fastest visualization technology
  • Broad selection of top software products
DNS Management

DNS Server

Manage one or more DNS zones with little effort. You will get the finished server from us and you can add more zones without much effort.
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USD 12.18

Git version management

Gitea is a light community driven code hosting solution. With a neat documentation and its own API, this is the optimal cloud storage for your code.
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USD 34.46


i-MSCP Hosting

Internet Multi Server Control Panel - is the perfect solution if you want to host your own websites, but don't want to deal with Apache, MySQL and Co. Order and upload your website on your own server.
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USD 36.20

LAMP Webserver

Do you like to do things yourself but do not feel like tediously installing a web server? Then order our LAMP web servers, upload your websites via SSH and get ready for the online world!
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USD 19.73


Nextcloud Server

Nextcloud - Protecting your data! Keep control of your data, increase your productivity and join a free and independent community.
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USD 23.62


VNC Workstation

With VNC Workstation you can work as if you were sitting infront of your PC. The only thing you need is an internet connection and a thin client.
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USD 39.14


Wiki Server

Do you want your own Wiki, but don't want to install everything yourself? Then this is your best solution. You order, we configure. We will set up the software for you, so you can start creating posts immediately .
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USD 13.16

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Please contact our support team directly or use the contact form. One of our competent employees will be at your side for any questions or problems.

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Traffic per month

The traffic limit only serves to avoid possible abuse - according to a Fair Use principle.


Select your operating system from a big number of server or desktop versions.

DNS Management

DNS Hosting

You can create and edit the DNS records of your domains in our web Interface.

Installation of applications

Install software

You can install any software which runs on Linux. (Apache, MySQL, PHP etc.)



Get information about your VPS and subscription, and shutdown/reboot your server.

Frequently asked questions

Which virtualization method are we using?

We use a real full-virtualization, also known as bare-metal virtualization, for our virtual servers, which offers very high performance and security. In contrast to other virtualization products, you have an independent server instance, which completely isolates you from other customers.

Our full virtualization emulates a complete computer with virtual hardware, which can be addressed by the guest operating system like real hardware. Thereby, the layer of the guest operating system is dispensed with and the commands of the individual fully encapsulated virtual servers are forwarded directly to the hardware. Due to the fact that the commands are directly forwarded and do not have to be processed additionally, full virtualization has a very high performance. Therefore, you can also install and operate unmodified operating systems.

By default, we provide you with a large selection of Linux distributions and versions. You can also select from many versions for the operating system Windows.

Can I run a VPN on my server?

Yes, a VPN can be set up and operated on a Linux as well as a Windows Virtual Server.

For the Windows Virtual Server, the use of PPTP is the easiest method to build a VPN. This connection type is not as secure as L2TP or IPsec, but it is sufficient for many applications.

PPTP-based VPN traffic consists of a TCP connection to the TCP port 1723 on the VPN server and GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) -coded packets for the VPN data. However, PPTP traffic can cause problems with firewalls, NATs, and web proxies. To avoid this, firewalls must be configured to allow both the TCP connection and GRE-encapsulated data.

With Linux Virtual Server, For example, the tunnels are built using OpenVPN.

Can I use a custom kernel?

Yes, you can use any kernel you want. We offer you a large selection of Linux distributions or different versions of Windows. If the operating system you are looking for is not listed, please let us know. Mail to Online Support.

We are using a real virtualization for our virtual servers (KVM). You can also use unmodified kernels.

Can I extend my Virtual-Server?

Like any physical server a virtual server (VPS) can also have limited resources such as RAM, CPU, or disk space. In this case, you can extend the VPS flexibly and easily.

In the web interface at you can see the current configuration of your Virtual Server. To do this, select the appropriate vServer from the list.

Properties Virtual Server

The possible configurations and also the options can be found on our website.
Virtual Server 2.0 Linux
Virtual Server 2.0 Windows

Please send the desired new configuration to our support with the current invoice number.

In order for the extensions to be effective on your VPS, a short maintenance window is required in most cases.

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