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FTP – The classic of data transfer: Now with DDoS-Protection


FTP is a fast file-protocol and is best suited for large data. FTP is often used for backups or for the transfer of Printing-data. Most of the time It’s more beneficial to rent a FTP-Server rather than buying one.

Merits of using FTP Pro from Softronics:

  • All the data is being saved in our secure datacenters in Switzerland
  • The Data is saved multiple times to prevent data loss
  • We create multiple redundant backups of the data
  • We keep our security up to date
  • Enlarging disk space can be done quickly


Effective protection from DDoS-attacks for the FTP server
To prevent Attacks and to ensure the availability of the FTP-server, Softronics together with the ISP offer highly effective DDoS Protection. The dataflow going to the FTP-server is constantly being analyzed and immediately interferes with anomalies. If an attack is detected, the dataflow gets redirected through the Threat-Management-System (TMS). The TMS are in the so-called «scrubbing centers» inside the global network. Inside of these «scrubbing centers» the dataflow of the attack gets separated from the traffic. After the separation the desired dataflow gets passed on. That way we can ensure a very high bandwidth at all times.