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Manage users

Set up users


Navigate to Settings > Users


Now click on Create user.

Define Username, Password and the Start directory.

Click on Save.


The user is now set up. By default, he has read access and execute: rx

IMPORTANT NOTE: The check mark for Execute (x) must always be set. Deactivating this tick will result in the user not being able to log in.


Activate access rights of users


Navigate to Settings > Users


By default, the access authorisation rx is set up for each user.


To customize this click on the rx entry in the Access rights column.


Select the checkmarks as desired, but always leave the Execute (x) set.

Also tick the option Apply to all subfolders.


Press Save. The next time the user logs in, he will now have the new access rights.



Disable, modify or delete


Navigate to Settings > Users

  • Via checkbox active you activate or deactivate an existing user.
  • In the menu item Edit the user name, the password or the start directory can be changed.
  • Delete permanently deletes the user.


Delete data from users


When files or folders are uploaded by a user, that user is automatically the owner. By default, you therefore have read-only access to this data. To get full access to all data, please proceed as follows:

  • Log in to the web interface
  • Select under Settings > Main User: "Reset access rights"
  • As "owner" you can now delete the data or reset the rights


Change access right to a single folder:

  • Log in to the web interface
  • Select the desired folder
  • Open the pop-up with a "right click"
  • Select "Reset access rights
  • As "owner" you can now delete the data or reset the rights


You may also have hidden files in the folders and therefore cannot delete them.

  • Connect to your online storage with the FTP client
  • Select View > Show hidden files
  • Now try to delete the corresponding data in the FTP client


If you still cannot delete the data, please contact our support.