State-of-the-art Cloud solutions
by Softronics

Files upload, download, manage

Upload to MyDrive via browser

Via Drag & Drop: supports the upload of multiple files or folders into the active web browser window.


Via Upload link at the top left: (choose an upload type)

  • Upload files: A window will open. Select the desired files here.
  • Upload a folder: A window will open. Select the desired folder here. The folder will be uploaded with all files and sub-folders.

The button is disabled if you don't have the upload permission.



Upload files to MyDrive via tools


Via Client-Upload: supports multiple files and folders simultaneously.
For this upload type you need our free MyDrive Client


Via Mobile App: Data management on the go is easy to handle with our mobile apps. Available for Android or iOS.


Download files from MyDrive

  • To download a single file, simply click Download on the right side of the line.
  • To download multiple files or folders, select them and click on Download on the top left.



Manage files and folders


Select one or more files or folders by either clicking the checkbox on the left or the blank space on the right.



Depending on the selection, the following actions are possible. 


Create folder:

Create a new folder, enter the name in the text box and click on Create.



View pictures, videos and text files, or play MP3s.



Share the selected files or folders with other people.



Rename files or folders. Edit the name in the text box and click Rename.



Move the selected files and folders, choose the destination folder and click on Move.



Delete the selected files and folders.



Show the properties of the selected file or folder.



You can also access all operations by right-clicking on the selected files and folders.



Keyboard shortcuts


We support numerous of functions via keyboard shortcuts.

You can call the list of keyboard functions with Shift + ? (Available in the home view)